All About The Stearman


The Stearman was the primary trainer aircraft for the US miltary during WW2.


Many people don't know that most WW II combat pilots, achieving their glorious exploits on Mustangs, Spitfires, Lancaster etc. had in fact, taken their first lessons and been trained as cadets in the cockpit of Stearman. Only very talented pupils were accepted, some of which had not even driven car before but that were expected to solo after only 6 hrs with a tandem seat instructor.

Standard Stearman Aircraft Specifications:

The PT-13 the typical primary trainer was powered by a Lycoming engine 220 hp.
The PT 17 designated a Stearman with a Continental engine.Training

The PT 18 was powered with a Jacobs engine.


Span:    32 ft. 2 in.
Length: 24 ft. 10 in.
Height:   9 ft. 2 in.
Weight:  2,717 lbs. loaded
Armament: None
Engine: Lycoming R-680 of 220 hp.



Maximum speed: 125 mph.
Cruising speed:   104 mph.
Range:               450 miles
Service Ceiling:   14,000 ft


After the war most were sold by the army as crop dusters, when they started a whole new career. 


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