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Helping you realize all your Vintage Antique Aircraft Dreams of Flight in Europe!

We do what we love, do best and leave the rest.

Since 1992, we have been rebuilding, restoring, repairing and rejuvenating antique aircraft like the Boeing Stearman, Beech Staggerwing and other fine aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation.

To date we have completed scores of aircraft and have just as many happy customers! We always try to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality and ongoing service, and support. In fact we have earned EAA awards for our quality workmanship.

Our company was started on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but our operations there have been limited following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. We still maintain a 2000sqm hanger complex at Stennis Airport (KHSA) that serves as our primary base in the USA for Stearman location, preparation and containerisation.

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Today, a part of our activities are situated in Denmark, Southern Sweden (Sovde ESMI) and Tuscany in Italy at Pratello Airfield (P 109) where we respond to the increasingly high demands of our European customers.

Denmark’s VAT policy potentially offers 5% tax on qualifying antique aircraft and parts. This includes the Stearman aircraft as well as engines, propellers, and type specific parts. Inquire for further details.


We Offer Technical Know-How With Quality Workmanship and other services such as:


Stearman Paint Authentic

  • Stearman rejuvenation forms the bulk of our work. This is a process that brings new life and value to quality restorations.

  • Stearman ground-up restoration is offered on occasion. These aircraft are delivered in better than new condition and to the highest quality standard. 


  • Flight Discoveries and biplane rides

  • Flight Training: FAA Flight Instruction,Tailwheel Endorsement, Aerobatic Training, Upset Recovery Training, Vintage Type         Endorsement, Biennial Flight Review  


  • FAA certified repairs, maintenance and Annual Inspections.
  • Repairs, modifications and alterations to your aircraft.
  • Overhaul services for wings and airframe components.
  • Exchange lower wings -usually in stock!
  • Overhauled Throttle Quadrants.
  • Technical support and consulting


  Radial Engines Limited


        As Radial Engines Ltd. Representative we offer as well: 


  • Engine overhaul

  • Fuel Injection

  • Engine Conversions


Sales - Repairs- Rejuvenation- Restoration -Technical Support-Consulting - Flight Training -Discovery Flights

FAA Maintenance & Inspection Services

Vintage Aeroplane Europe

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Tel:   +1-786-590-8909




Stennis International Airport (KHSA) 

Kiln, MS  U.S.A


Pratello Aviosuperfice, Tuscany Italy (P100)

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