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We are a French -American couple stranded in Scandinavia! We feel like citizens of the world having lived in many differnt countries. We have given up our standard every day work to build our hobby into a business allowing us to share our passion with the rest. We are both passionate and dedicated persons. When we do something, we want to do it right and are driven with a desire for quality in all of our work. We love beautiful original airplanes and we love to make them fly!

Our family plane is a Beechcraft Staggerwing 17 from 1939 which we have used to travel all over the States (Washington State down to the Bahamas) and all over Europe with our children. It is being restored at this moment unfortunately, but will be soon again a beautiful flying aircraft. 


Jon Roth, CPL, Flight Instructor, A+P Mechanic, FAA Inspection Authorization

Jon is a native from New Orleans. He has lived and flown for many years in Italy, the UK, Denmark and Sweden. Europe is his adopted home. He's been a commercial pilot for over 25 years, an FAA flight instructor, and a maintenance engineer with FAA Inspection Authorisation (IA). He is your technical man. Of course, he has been passionate about aviation and about classic aircraft since his first flight in an open cockpit.“In the late 80’s I became hooked somehow on antique aircraft,” says Jon. “I couldn't afford a show winning Stearman, so I bought a project. After several years of hard work, I took home my first EAA award from Sun N’Fun.
From that point onward, I couldn’t stop rebuilding and restoring Stearmans. It was into my blood. To many it didn’t make any sense, but even today I am driven by the satisfaction of using my skills to preserve and promote a small, but significant part of aviation history. As much as I love to fly them, I love to work on them even more!”.



Marie Roth (PPL) is French from Normandie and also a citizen of the world. She grew up in the French West Indie and lived, studied and worked in many different countries (Switzerland,USA,Hungary, Sweden).  "My dream was always to fly in a bi-plane over the desert. So when Jon took me flying in a Stearman, in open cockpit something clicked, and since then I am hooked antique aircraft as well. I share his passion, work in the workshop rejuvenating aircraft and support him in the Vintage Aeroplane mission. I am a creative person. My passion is painting and I love as much painting flowers as I do painting airplanes! I like as well to do fabric work, it is becoming a rare skill requiring patience and attention to detail. I am proud to be able to build up from scratch an aircraft from wood, fabric, some simple nails to a perfect flying plane."

I have also been gliding and I have made dozens of parachuting jumps (before babies!). Jon is still incapable of understanding how somebody would want to jump out of perfectly good airplane! Having flown many years as copilot or as autopilot as Jon says, I am at last PIC too and fly in my little Aeronca Champ . Now I hope soon to be able to master the Stearman too in a pilot's seat not only work on it.


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